Accounting services Casale Monferrato

For less sized companies that are not able or do not consider it convenient to have an internal accounting structure, the study provides:

  • Electronic invoicing;
  • General and specialist accounting services (data processing, simplified and ordinary accounting, asset management, VAT settlements, journal, inventory book, accounting and tax registers ...);
  • Keeping of company books, drafting of minutes and resolutions of corporate bodies;
  • Management of lease contracts and related periodic obligations;
  • Assistance in the main telematic obligations and in the management of practices at the Municipalities, the Business Register, the Revenue-Collection Agency;
  • Setting up the chart of accounts and in company accounting procedures, reconstructions and accounting appraisals;
  • Preparation and verification of interim and financial statements;
  • Relations and obligations with the Business Register and the Revenue Agency;
  • Assistance in the tax field in disputes with the Tax Office both in the pre-litigation phase (communications of irregularities, questionnaires and financial investigations, assessments with adhesion, installments ...) and in the development of litigation at the Tax Commissions;
  • Assistance in the drafting of commercial contracts, in contracts for the real estate sector, in the preparation of shareholders' agreements and in the drafting of company statutes.

Corporate Consulting Casale Monferrato

The firm provides consultancy services, in particular on:

  • Establishment of companies and corporate operations of an extraordinary nature (acquisitions, disposals, mergers, demergers, contributions and transformations of companies);
  • Transfer of groups and business complexes;
  • Drafting of deeds, opinions, preliminary contracts, private writings in general;
  • Withdrawal and exclusion of shareholders, assistance in the purchase and sale of companies, assets and shares in the company;
  • Corporate reorganizations;
  • Due diligence activities, drafting of appraisals, reasoned opinions, technical advice and company evaluations;
  • Valuation of individual assets, rights, assets, shareholdings and preparation of valuation reports required by law;
  • Patrimonial family accommodations and generational transitions;
  • Administration and custody of companies, liquidation of companies.

Tax services Casale Monferrato

The professional firm assumes tasks and implements, when they are not the responsibility of the Employer, all the obligations in tax matters, such as:

  • Tax return and tax substitutes;
  • IRAP and VAT declaration;
  • Declaration of succession;
  • Refund instances;
  • Instances of self-protection;
  • Services to individuals and families with global assistance in the field of tax compliance: Model 730, Single Model, IMU calculation, cadastral transfers, management of lease contracts etc ...
  • Consultancy, representation and tax assistance;
  • Declarative obligations;
  • Preparation of appeals, appeals, pleadings to the Tax Commissions and other courts for each level of judgment.

Auditing Casale Monferrato

  • Boards of Statutory Auditors;
  • Statutory audit activities as Statutory Auditor and/or company auditor.