Tax services Valencia

The professional firm assumes tasks and implements, when they are not the responsibility of the Employer, all the obligations in tax matters, such as:

  • Tax return and tax substitutes;
  • IRAP and VAT declaration;
  • Declaration of succession;
  • Refund instances;
  • Instances of self-protection;
  • Services to individuals and families with global assistance in the field of tax compliance: Model 730, Single Model, IMU calculation, cadastral transfers, management of lease contracts etc ...
  • Consultancy, representation and tax assistance;
  • Declarative obligations;
  • Preparation of appeals, appeals, pleadings to the Tax Commissions and other courts for each level of judgment.

Legal advice Valenza

  • Advice in the stipulation of all types of contracts, including preliminaries, deeds and private writings;
  • Corporate law;
  • Inheritance law;
  • Commercial and bankruptcy law.